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F3/172 Burwood Hwy, Burwood East, VIC 3151

(03) 9803 9999

©2023 by Discovery Fusion BBQ Buffet

BBQ Buffet

Welcome to Discovery BBQ, a place where you can please everyone. Meat lovers, seafood fans, and Asian cuisine enthusiasts can find common ground in our BBQ buffet menu. We’re open to everyone and their dietary preferences. 
Here, you can control what you want to eat and how you want to eat it. Enjoy halal-certified meat, fresh vegetables, and savoury seafood with your chosen seasoning. You can cook them yourself or ask our chefs for help. After that, you can finish your meal with our selection of drinks and desserts. Spend two hours in Discovery’s BBQ buffet, and we guarantee that you and your tastebuds will be satisfied.

Asian Fusion Melbourne

Taste is our driving force, so we focus on the tried-and-true formula of Asian fusion. Asian spices have evolved from an acquired taste to a universal favourite. Serving Asian fusion means catering to all our customers and ensuring their satisfaction. Specialising in Asian fusion in a melting pot like Melbourne is a natural choice. 

Our definition of Asian fusion bridges Western and Asian dishes into something distinct. You will find common Western food cooked with Asian techniques to create a unique taste you can’t find anywhere else.

Come to Discovery BBQ now and enjoy two hours in BBQ buffet paradise.

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